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Group Courses

Our courses are 1, 2 or 3 hours a week and are paid for monthly. The price depends on the number of hours and the level of difficulty of the course. They are not tutoring classes; we educate our students in a way that they may achieve higher marks and impeccable pronunciation. We also offer the option to take official Cambridge exams starting at 7 years old; by the time students are 12 years old they will be able to achieve an official B1 certificate.

  • Courses from 25€ a month
  • You will only pay for the material that you are going to use.
  • No enrollment fee.
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Individual Courses

We adapt to the timetable and interest of the student. They may be morning or afternoon courses, or may be a combination of one week in the morning and the next in the afternoon (we are available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.). Intensive or extensive, from 2 hours a day to 1 hour a week. These courses are normally used to prepare a specific plan of studies (public or entrance exams) or to meet a particular language need.

  • Intensive or Extensive
  • Preparation for public or entrance exams
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Study Abroad Courses

Since 2008 we have been organising trips abroad (to destinations such as Liverpool, Dublin, Bournemouth) with homestays with families, language courses and cultural activities, such as trips around the selected place, which varies each year. Starting from 12 years of age, adults and families can participate in these courses. The schools and the homestay families abroad are meticulously supervised upon our first visit to the destination before the students´ trip in July (although adults may travel at any time during the year). The homestay families are selected by the schools and have been working with these schools for many years. Our trips are organised without intermediaries or agencies, which allows us to offer very low rates to our own students and to all those interested in improving their English. This year we are going to go to Liverpool, just like we did in 2011, and students will stay with families that have already participated in the past since our students were very happy with them then.

  • Well-organised
  • Supervision of homes
  • Very low rates
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If you are interested in one of our courses, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us.